About ERPA

What is ERPA?

  • European cosmetics Responsible Person Association
  • Gathers (independent)
  • European professional Responsible Persons
  • Safety Assessors
  • REACh ‘Only Representatives’
  • Cosmetic Testing Laboratories
  • GMP consultants
  • European & Non-European Associations

ERPA aims to support the efforts in protecting the safety of the cosmetic products users in Europe by promoting high standards of services and professional conduct among the European Responsible Persons

ERPA seeks to:

  • Generate awareness of the European Responsible Person roles and obligations.
  • Encourage high standard of professional conduct and competence among the European Responsible Persons.
  • Create guidelines of cooperation among the compliance operators involved in the regulatory affairs of cosmetic products.


  • To create Good Working Practices guidelines of the European Responsible Person profession.
  • To be an active stakeholder in the regulatory and legislative decision making process affecting the European Responsible Person profession.
  • To create cooperation guidelines among the Responsible Person, Safety Assessor, Manufacturer and other compliance operators.

Learn more about ERPA via the website: http://www.erpacosmetics.com/